Christine Clifford, CSP
Humorist, Author, Professional Speaker
President/Chief Executive Officer
of The Cancer Club®

All of us have read or heard stories about people who turn lemons into lemonade. It is not often that we get the privilege of meeting such an individual.

Before her bout with breast cancer, Christine Clifford had definitely cracked the "glass ceiling". By age 40, she was Senior Executive Vice President for The SPAR Group, an international information and merchandising services firm in New York.

Once the top salesperson in the multi- billion dollar service industry, Christine’s accounts included Kmart, Toys 'R' Us, Walmart, AT&T, Mattel Toys, and Revlon. Taking her company from a million dollar per year loss to over $54 million in sales, Christine signed the largest contract in the history of her industry with Procter & Gamble, doubling the size of her company overnight.

Diagnosed with breast cancer in December of '94, Christine went on to write a humorous portrayal of her story in a book entitled Not Now…I'm Having A No Hair Day!



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