Laughing at Cancer

Welcome to the Laughing at Cancer blog. People are the only creatures on earth, who can celebrate the joy of being alive. Laughter flings open the shutters and lets the sunshine in. A shared gift of laughter is a priceless gift to the spirit. And it's a great poke in the eye to the adversary cancer patients are struggling every day to beat. So join us often. Send us your funny stories. And don't forget to laugh! TM

Cancer and Social Security Disability Benefits

Being diagnosed with cancer is often a life-changing experience. To cope with the physical and emotional challenges you may have to take substantial time away from work. The resulting loss of income can be financially devastating. If you find that you need financial assistance after being diagnosed with cancer, you may be eligible to receive Social Security Disability benefits.

THE PULSE: Hysterectomy Truths with Jodi Davis, Christine Clifford, and Kay Kedding

Jodi Davis, Christine Clifford and Kay Kedding have experienced the ups and downs of a hysterectomy – removal of the uterus – but all three women endured the experience for different reasons.

“Facing Cancer & Divorce With Laughter,” Edina (MN) Sun Current, June 18, 2013

Twenty years ago, Clifford was a “stressed-out marketing executive” for an international company – meaning she was staying in hotels for 200 nights a year. She never imagined her future would be filled with drawing humorous cartoons and writing humorous books about cancer...

Simple solutions to Chemotherapy and Radiation Side effects

Chemotherapy and radiation are two methods used extensively in the treatment of cancer. These help prevent the spread of cancer cells by destroying them. While they are at it, they also destroy some of the healthy cells of the body. This loss of healthy cells, when you are going through these treatments can cause some side effects.

Laughing My Way Through Cancer By Heather Von St. James

You can turn painful situations around through laughter. If you can find humor in anything, even poverty, you can survive it. –Bill Crosby

Cancer Club February 2012 eNewsletter

In This Issue: Laugh 'Til It Heals: Notes from the World's Funniest Cancer Mailbox, Share The Experience: The Chat Room, About Christine Clifford and The Cancer Club

Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine features Cancer Club President in "Laugh ' Til It Heals," January, 2012

Knowing that Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine is aiding women now more than ever to Be Fit, Be a Thriver!™, I immediately thought about sharing with readers the healing power of laughter. Many may not realize, but laughing out loud takes work and a lot of physical exercise!

Cancer Club December 2011 eNewsletter

In This Issue: -Christine Clifford's Wig Blows Off at Professional Golf Tournament -Laugh 'Til It Heals: Notes from the World's Funniest Cancer Mailbox -SHARE THE EXPERIENCE: The Chat Room -ABOUT CHRISTINE CLIFFORD & THE CANCER CLUB™

What a Simple Gesture Can Do

Most people when they hear that someone has cancer do not know what to say. They do not want to say they ”wrong” thing, so they often end up saying nothing. This causes the cancer patient to feel even more isolated and alone. A simple gesture and offer to help can be music to a cancer patient's ears.

As Simple as ABC

Last summer, August 21st to be exact, I tripped over my son's hockey skates (I know, I know…hockey skates in the middle of summer?!? But hey, that's what we do here in Minnesota). I broke my toe, tore two tendons in my wrist, and thoroughly damaged my pride. Under ordinary circumstances and for the average person, this would be just one of life's little “mishaps”.
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