Laughing at Cancer

Welcome to the Laughing at Cancer blog. People are the only creatures on earth, who can celebrate the joy of being alive. Laughter flings open the shutters and lets the sunshine in. A shared gift of laughter is a priceless gift to the spirit. And it's a great poke in the eye to the adversary cancer patients are struggling every day to beat. So join us often. Send us your funny stories. And don't forget to laugh! TM

Laughter: It's A Family Affair!

Three days after undergoing breast cancer surgery in December, '94, I heard the doorbell ring downstairs from my place of rest in my bedroom. "Mom!" screamed my second-grader Brooks, "More flowers for your breast!"

Battling Breast Cancer: Turning Lemons Into Lemonade."

"All of us have read or heard stories about people who turn lemons into lemonade. It isn't often that we get the privilege of meeting such an individual."
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