Cancer Has Its Privileges : Stories of Hope and Laughter

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Written by Christine Clifford
160 pages
ISBN 0-399-52776-1
Publication Date: May 2002

Cancer survivor and founder of The Cancer Club, Christine Clifford, CSP has been sharing her inspiring, humorous outlook on living with cancer with thousands of cancer patients and their families. Now she has gathered a collection of battlefield stories and anecdotes from her fellow survivors that go from the outright hilarious to the downright moving, and combined them with her own personal story of triumphant survival.

'A remarkable woman whose sense of humor became her best weapon against an often dehumanizing disease.'
- Arnold Palmer,
from the Introduction

'A book filled with what I call survival behavior. A meaningful life is built on love and laughter and this book shares both... I recommend it to all those who have the desire to be survivors'
-Bernie Siegel, M.D.,
author of Love, Medicine and Miracles

'The perfect dose of medicine for anyone whose life has been touched by cancer.'
-Michele Smith
Olympic gold medalist

'You don't have to had cancer to be a survivor. Christines inspirational and pathologically positive attitude should be shared by everyone who has faced adversity. God definitely has a plan for this woman.'
-Larry Gatlin
Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter

The Author

Christine Clifford, CSP is a well-established author of eight books and a 18+ year breast cancer survivor. She has enjoyed success with her previous books including her bestselling Not Now … I’m Having a No Hair Day! and Cancer Has Its Privileges: Stories of Hope & Laughter. Since having breast cancer in 1994, she founded The Cancer Club® ( Today it is the world’s largest producer of humorous and helpful products for people with cancer. Facing another overwhelming challenge – divorce - not just once but twice, Christine co-founded Divorcing Divas LLC® and is the author of the recently published book The Clue Phone’s Ringing … It’s for You! Healing Humor for Women Divorcing. Christine is a true survivor, willing to share her stories of hope, inspiration, love and humor. Her motto? Don't forget to laugh! TM

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