Fantasia Mtylists Make House Calls for Cancer Patients

Fox 9 News  |  by Jonathan Choe


One Twin Cities beauty salon is helping cancer patients struggling with hair loss feel a bit more confident and look more like themselves by making house calls to those who are undergoing chemotherapy.

For many women, chemotherapy treatments take a physical toll -- especially in terms of hair loss. Sometimes going out in public can become a big challenge, and that's why stylists with the Crystal salon are willing to drive and deliver a dose of confidence in the comfort of a patient's living room.

"There are very few women that are comfortable walking around without their hair," explained stylist Twila Donley.

Hair loss happens for many reasons, from genetics to stress and cancer therapy -- but Donley has a solution.

"It takes about three weeks to make one of these wigs," Donley said.

On occasion, Donley will get a special request to get the gussying on the go so that no one else has to know.

"I think for some women, there is certainly the stigma of, 'I don't want anybody to see me in this condition,'" Donley said.

Christine Clifford is among those who aren't keen on displaying a hairless head.

"I am not the go-around-bald kind of person, and I'm a professional," she told FOX 9 News.

As an author and speaker, Clifford just wants to look like herself when facing the public and enduring several rounds of chemotherapy.

"It's still a shock to wake up every morning and look at yourself in the mirror and ask, 'Is that me?'" she said.

With the help of Donley and her team offering encouragement and style advice in the privacy of her own living room, Clifford is starting to feel like herself again.

"They care about your outcome. They care about how you look. They want you to be comfortable," she said. "It's a gift."

The stylists at Fantasia also make bedside visits at the hospital for some clients who are too sick to make it to the salon.

 Fantasia stylists make house calls for cancer patients - KMSP-TV

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