Our Family Has Cancer, Too!

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Written by Christine Clifford

Illustrated by Jack Lindstrom
64 pages
ISBN 1-57025-144-4
Publication Date: October 1997

Christine has broken new ground once again with this book. With the help and insight of her son, Tim, Christine has explored the issues facing families when cancer becomes a part of life.

Author's Note to Children
Cancer isn't fair, but through it all, know you are loved... and that you can help your family because you bring a special piece to the puzzle... You!

Author's Note to Parents
When I was first diagnosed with cancer, I decided that in my family we would not waste any of the time we had together. I hope this book will encourage you to talk about the disease- but most of all, to truly live.

Complete with glossary for children, Christine's new book offers an opportunity for you and your family to learn and share feelings with each other about cancer and to answer the questions most kids have:

  • What is cancer?
  • What changes will happen to our family?
  • What are the treatments like?
  • How long will it take to get through the cancer experience?
  • What do I tell my friends?

But most importantly, it teaches you how to laugh together! Once again, Clifford and Lindstrom show readers how the power of laughter and positive thinking go a long way toward promoting recovery and growth.

The Author

Christine Clifford, CSP is a well-established author of eight books and a 18+ year breast cancer survivor. She has enjoyed success with her previous books including her bestselling Not Now … I’m Having a No Hair Day! and Cancer Has Its Privileges: Stories of Hope & Laughter. Since having breast cancer in 1994, she founded The Cancer Club® (www.CancerClub.com). Today it is the world’s largest producer of humorous and helpful products for people with cancer. Facing another overwhelming challenge – divorce - not just once but twice, Christine co-founded Divorcing Divas LLC® (www.DivorcingDivas.net) and is the author of the recently published book The Clue Phone’s Ringing … It’s for You! Healing Humor for Women Divorcing. Christine is a true survivor, willing to share her stories of hope, inspiration, love and humor. Her motto? Don't forget to laugh! TM

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