Christine Clifford, CSP is a pioneer in the field of therapeutic humor, particularly as it relates to coping with cancer. Her ground-breaking book Not Now... I'm Having a No Hair Day! won numerous awards and is still sought after by reporters and media sources worldwide. Christine has been featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur magazine, MORE, Self, Golf Digest, Better Homes & Gardens as well as sources half way around the world such as The Singapore Women's Weekly and The Hindu in India. Christine will glady provide interviews for all media and is happy to help you promote your event. Don't forget to laugh! TM


CNN Health: Happy Holidays, Pass The Scalpel

There were hats and party blowers and papier-maché rabbits for Christine Clifford's New Year's celebration. She counted down to midnight with her husband, children, relatives and friends in the only place where she could be with them that night: her hospital room.

"New Business Inspired by Adversity": An Interview with Christine Clifford and NBC

Christine Clifford knows adversity. At age 40, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was something she'd been watching for her entire adult life. "I had a mother who was diagnosed at the age of 38," says Clifford. "She passed away when she was 42." She was also Clifford's only role model when it came to dealing with breast cancer.

First Interview with Christine Clifford on NBC

Interview with Christine Clifford on KARE 11 TV
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