Christine Clifford uses two anti-aging products from LifeVantage that can help people like her, who have been through cancer treatment. Protandim and True Science

PROTANDIM is an all natural supplement, created by Dr, Joe McCord, the co-discoverer of free-radical biology, which lowers oxidative stress by an average of 40%, increases glutathione production by up to 300% and has a high anti-inflammatory component to provide potential relief from conditions such as arthritis, migraine headaches, skin conditions and more.

With the only change in her diet being the addition of one PROTANDIM a day, Christine's results included lowering her cholesterol by 10 points (and decreasing her LDL cholesterol by 28 points), clearing up severe arthritis in her foot, and clearing up an auto-immune skin condition called Grover's Disease. Isn't that interesting? She also has more energy, sleeps more soundly and has been able to focus more clearly. No more "Chemo Brain"!

Today, Christine's skin is glowing with the improvements she has experienced by combining PROTANDIM and TRUESCIENCE. To learn more, visit and watch the ABC Prime Time video. Then call us to learn more about these two exciting products and improve YOUR health today!

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