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Laugh ' Til It Heals

By Carol Singleton, Queen’s nurse, clinical governance manager, British Red Cross   March 6, 2012


This little book aims to remind us that humour can be a great healer, and just because you, or a friend or relative, has cancer, you can and should retain a sense of humour. The worst possible thing to do around people with cancer is to talk in hushed tones, look sad, avoid talking about illness and pretend that there is nothing wrong.


Christine Clifford , CSP is CEO/President of The Cancer Club, a company that markets humorous and helpful products for people with cancer ( ). She is the author of eight books including her newest book Laugh ' Til It Heals: Notes from the World's Funniest Cancer Mailbox and her best-seller Not Now... I'm Having a No Hair Day! Don't forget to laugh!

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