Your Guardian Angel's Gift

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By Christine K. Clifford

You or someone you love, now or very soon, needs the message this book contains. As the title says, it is a gift. Almost all of us can remember the time, date and place we were when we received the news that we or someone we care about had been diagnosed with a serious illness. Negative emotions filled our heads, feelings of denial, grief, anger and fear. Following the initial shock, we turn to the one thing that makes us human our will to survive, and then thrive.

Your Guardian Angel's Gift, a beautiful full-color gift book, is the perfect answer to this need. It has an unforgettable message of hope and encouragement that transends the illness and goes straight to the heart of anyone facing adversity. After all, we all have a Guardian Angel up in heaven. Yours has sent a feather to the ground to let you know she's watching over you.

Your Guardian Angel’s Gift ® 
        By Christine K. Clifford, CSP

There's a story to this feather
Rather simple, but it's true,
 It fell straight down from heaven
As a sign meant just for you.
See, we all have lifelong challenges,
Adversities and fear,
But your Angel up in Heaven
Sees every little tear.

God chose your special Angel
For  those times you just can't cope.
He put Her there to let you know,
Don't ever give up hope.
If you struggle, fight or just feel lost,
You’ll always know She's there.
She sent this feather down to earth
To let you know, "I care".

If you ever feel you're stumbling,
Remember: stand up straight and tall,
Your personal Guardian Angel
Will never let you fall.
So if you're ever frightened, worried,
Lonely, in despair,
Remember that this feather
Floated, miles through the air.

It went through sleet and rain and snow,
Crossed deserts far and wide.
It tossed about, turned upside down
But landed by your side.
It will always be beside you,
A beacon in the night,
And every morn as daybreak comes,
This gift will be your light.

Complete your gift with a Guardian Angel Feather Ornament.These beautifully hand-made ornaments have glitter sprinkled lightly inside with an angel feather, and are topped with a delicate bow and rosette. Two options available:

Ovarian Cancer Angel Feather Ornament (teal) Purchase

Breast Cancer Feather Ornament (pink) Purchase

The Author

Christine Clifford, CSP is a well-established author of eight books and a 18+ year breast cancer survivor. She has enjoyed success with her previous books including her bestselling Not Now … I’m Having a No Hair Day! and Cancer Has Its Privileges: Stories of Hope & Laughter. Since having breast cancer in 1994, she founded The Cancer Club® ( Today it is the world’s largest producer of humorous and helpful products for people with cancer. Facing another overwhelming challenge – divorce - not just once but twice, Christine co-founded Divorcing Divas LLC® ( and is the author of the recently published book The Clue Phone’s Ringing … It’s for You! Healing Humor for Women Divorcing. Christine is a true survivor, willing to share her stories of hope, inspiration, love and humor. Her motto? Don't forget to laugh! TM

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